Our Services

We have wide experience of creating accessible and relevant content, supporting both our global clients and small businesses in building trust and engagement with their employees and customers.
Specifically we offer: 

  • Professional and natural collaboration to develop deep understanding of your brand standards, corporate culture and messaging guidelines.
  • Excellent communication and business writing capability.
  • Able to support business development by writing original content for print, digital, email campaigns, blog, journal entries.
  • Support you in developing new business by developing case studies describing your products and services, or research and design capability.
  • Interviewing team members about your approach and discover insights behind your work and research.
  • Able to translate complexities into a compelling narrative for internal and external audiences.

In addition, we offer other services:

  • Supporting internal communications by simplifying messages, preparing for the ‘new normal’
  • Writing for all mediums from magazine features, blogs, reviews, articles, books, internal communications, learning and development materials, brochures, presentations, and web design.
  • Providing sensitive feedback on existing materials/web content.

For Corporate Creatives

We will work in partnership with you to create an environment where ideas are generated and where networks of people are inspired to take responsibility for their own creativity and innovation.

We have wide experience of working with corporate organisations. Like artists we paint pictures with words, we use evocative images to create a mood or emotion, to help your employees and customers feel engaged, to create loyalty, to want to find out more.

For Solo Creatives

We have a wealth of experience in new business start-ups, and we know that many small businesses have great ambitions. We can also act as a sounding board when you just want someone to listen and explore how you could develop the next stage of your business.

We can help you in identifying your personal vision and ambition; recognising what you do really well, and what you need to develop.

For example:

  • How to create your brand
  • Supporting you in creating a ‘look and feel’ for your business
  • How to market yourself
  • How to develop presence
  • How to handle change
  • How to work creatively in the ‘new normal’
  • How to simplify your working life
  • Creating work/life balance

”Your comprehensive understanding of our situation and our industry has been an inspiration and your advice has given us invaluable direction as we undertake bigger and more creative projects”


We are always open to creative assignments that cross the boundaries of a traditional linear approach. We love being invited to contribute to something new and innovative.

For example:

  • Simplifying the messages for a corporate team in preparation for their launch on the US stock market.
  • Creating a journal using photography and quotes to share key HR messages for a global company.
  • Creating a time-lapse video of calligraphy written in rainbow colours shared on social media for the upcoming release of a Netflix film.
  • Creating a calligraphy gift note for special recipients, featuring a quote from the film for the release of ‘Little Women’ on DVD.

‘If you talk, we will listen and together we will make it happen’