Because we have not followed a traditional career path ourselves we love supporting those who are trying to take a different route.

For young people just starting out, or anyone needing to change direction in their career it is so important to realise that there are so many opportunities to take your natural talent and use it in different ways. Qualifications are only a very small part of the whole story.  

Wherever you are in your career ladder it is never too late to take control, to identify what you could do differently and to recognize your own talents. Acknowledging what you could achieve is the first step towards realizing it.

We like most people, aspire to achieve a lifestyle, which reflects more of a work life balance. As such we are artists, photographers, writers, interior designers, collectors. We make a conscious effort to combine work and pleasure and encourage our clients to do the same.

We are genuinely interested in people and their aspirations, hopes and dreams.  We help people work towards achieving their lifetime’s ambition, whether it is to further their career, travel, take a career break, retire early, or set up a new business.

As well as coaching, we also offer a bespoke branding service, helping you create the most beautiful ways of reflecting your business.

We are also interested in interviewing people who have not taken a traditional career path to act as inspiration for others. 

Our style is very reassuring, practical and down to earth, helping people develop self-belief.

Why not contact us and see how we could help you achieve your full potential.

 “You helped me realise my greatest resource is me! “