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Can you have too many ideas?

One of the hardest challenges for creative people is focus. I have worked with many very talented people who really struggle to contain the fountain of ideas that keep bubbling in their minds. Living with a creative mind can be a real challenge, both for the individual and the people around them.


Creating Your Brand – Ten ways to be memorable

“Lights, camera, action!”  Like making a film, creating your brand can be just as exciting, full of energy and promise and, if you create the best experience, also memorable for your customers. When you start thinking about setting up your business, how to create your brand may not be the first thing on your mind. However, the decisions you take in these[...]

Employment 2020

Employment 2021 – What next?

2020 was a year like no other, when we celebrated the New Year none of us had any idea what was about to happen a few short months later. First came weeks of lockdown, then being encouraged to return to work if we could not work at home, then a reverse of this message and now a second lockdown amid confusion for many about whether we will continue to be employed.[...]


Rediscovering your creativity

At times of uncertainty, or stress, it can often feel as if our creativity has deserted us, but it hasn’t gone away, its power is still there waiting for the right moment to emerge again. Sometimes we need to encourage it, by doing things that we know have worked in the past; going for a walk, even when this may be restricted by any local lockdowns. All around u[...]



Because we have not followed a traditional career path ourselves we love supporting those who are trying to take a different route. For young people just starting out, or anyone needing to change direction in their career it is so important to realise that there are so many opportunities to take your natural talent and use it in different ways. Qualifications are[...]

Writing Great Content

how to Write inspiring Content

Many moons ago before ‘blogging’ existed if you wanted to get published you wrote ‘features’ and submitted them to magazines, after an eternity if you were lucky, you heard back from an Editor and then this was followed by proofs to edit and eventually a cheque. Fast-forward to today and it seems that everyone is […]