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About us

Creative Brand Studio is the place where many of our ideas are first created and the anchor point for all of our businesses. You will find links to our key businesses as well as sources of our inspiration, key collaborations and some of our latest thinking. Much of our work has been based on an intuitive understanding of the needs of our clients, consumers and followers.
In our previous careers we embraced innovation, creativity, employer branding, employee engagement, designing, illustrating ,calligraphy,website design and artistic creation in both corporate and small businesses. often being slightly ahead of the curve. working globally and travelling widely.
In 2006, we decided to enter the world of digital publishing and we were one of the first to create an online luxury lifestyle magazine, Hot Brands Cool Places. Image rich, all our websites reflect our own passions and interests that we share with our readers, that has helped us build enduring relationships with the clients who join us and our loyal readership. 

Hot Brands Cool Places

Hot Brands Cool Places is a well established invitation only lifestyle website and magazine, featuring leading brands in the home, travel, wedding and lifestyle marketplace. 

In this increasingly noisy digital world Hot Brands Cool Places offers an oasis of calm with its carefully selected and curated and lifestyle and travel brands. Believing that less is more, we offer our members dedicated space to showcase their business and our readers high quality content with relevant and timely information.

Beautiful Heirloom Home

Beautiful Heirloom Home is inspired by the William Morris quote:

 “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  ― William Morris
We wanted to create something that celebrated the skills and heritage from the past and how to create beautiful treasures for the future.  In years gone by skilled craftspeople laboured over exquisite and beautiful items that stood the test of time. We want to identify these treasures and recognise those who still practise those skills and encourage new people to learn these skills so that this knowledge is not lost forever.

Seashore Creative
Seashore Creative is a celebration of all things coastal; places to stay, events, markets. Delightful and hidden little coastal shops and galleries, coastal interiors inspiration, showing how to create the spirit of the sea in your home. Family holidays by the sea and ways of encouraging your children to develop a love of the outdoors and playing safely by the sea. It’s also a place inspire creativity.

Miss Modern Calligraphy & Fine Art Design Studio
Both websites offer beautiful stationery to cherish, weddings, branding, events, special occasions and bespoke calligraphy services.

As these businesses become more established we are now able to offer our services to other organizations.

Join Us
We love working with like-minded people, we support networks of clients through our Directories in many of our websites, if you would like to be included please contact us. We also have selected affiliate relationships.


“It’s our goal to help you create an authentic, creative and iconic brand that shows your audience who you really are”